All processes in body, soul and spirit are mutually interactive. If any of the three aforementioned parts are misused or neglected, then the other two parts suffer also. Only the proper use of all three parts promotes true health. Therefore, a proper healing process must take place in the entire person, not just the physical, visible body. Diseases have their origin in either inner or outer causes. The spirit, depending on the inflow of thoughts, will and actions, influences the soul and through the soul influences the body, therefore the body is dependent on the spirit. Through the power of faith, the proper will of the spirit, soul and body are restored to health. Furthermore, a natural life force which is independent of the spirit is active within the body. Now, this natural life force working in unison with the spiritual primal center helps the body with all its organs functioning properly, and it continuously strives to correct any disorders arising within the body. The spiritual forces within man are superior to man himself, and if the spiritual forces are used in accordance with the laws of nature, the efforts of the natural life force are supported, thus all diseases just beginning are nipped in the bud. When these forces are not in accord with the laws of nature, they oppose each other, allowing diseases to establish a foothold, take root and dominate the physical body. It is man’s decision to adjust, develop and utilize the forces of spirit and soul in the proper way. The forces of the spirit are superior to those of the soul, the spirit is meant to lead, the soul to follow, when a person is in good health, living in harmony with God and nature, the spirit is leading. Within a sick person, the unpurified forces of the soul are dominant. Man creates for himself either health or sickness through the activity of his inner forces, therefore, through fear, worry, false ideas and negative external influences, man can transform a slight indisposition into a serious illness, instead of trustingly turning to the original source, to God, thereby expelling any thoughts of sickness, he creates through his lack of trust and faith poisons in the afflicted parts of the body. And these poisons spoil the blood, weaken the nerves and make even the best medicine ineffective. The remedies administered to the body can achieve the desired effect by purifying and organizing in proper order one’s thoughts and ideas. Therefore, the patient must discipline himself, activate the spiritual forces within his soul, control and calm his thoughts and ideas, animate them through his own will power, thus gaining control over himself. One cannot always expect a seriously ill person to have this firm faith and be able to discipline himself properly. Therefore, it is essential that all people in his immediate vicinity (nurse, etc.) have a positive spiritual attitude which they automatically transfer to the patient.